Rick Simpson Oil

” The Answer to CANCER “

An Introduction to Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson was an engineer from Canada, . In 1997 after falling off a ladder at work, he began to have intense ringing in his ears,24/7 as a result from post-concussion syndrome. This caused a lot of pain and discomfort. It was negatively effecting his quality of life to say the least. Rick had been prescribed multiple medications by his family doctor to treat his symptoms with zero relief.

A Little Story

A couple years later and still in pain every single day, he reached out to a friend. Rick had just watched a show about medical marijuana and asked this friend to bring him a joint. He was finally able to get some relief. He was happy to bring this up to his doctor but he was not on board and would not prescribe Rick with medical marijuana.

His disease got worse over time and after being in pain for long enough that he was having suicidal thoughts. Rick began to grow marijuana plants himself. He then extracted the concentrated oil now to be known as RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil ) to manage his disease and pain. He started to eat the oil he derived from his plants and very quickly noticed the pain started to go away. Rick was finally getting some sleep, his blood pressure lowered, he started getting healthy again, and was feeling back to himself.

Rick discovered how well his oil works as a topical on skin, as his own mother suffered from Psoriasis. Within the first year, Rick treated 50-60 people with varying skin issues with huge success. One of the most impressive stories was about a man with severe inoperable melanoma. The man took RSO under Rick’s treatment plan, he was healed within 3 weeks! He has given his oil to more than 5000 patients who suffered from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, warts, viral and bacterial infections . Three out of four patients that followed his treatment plan have been healed from cancer. The patients that are unfortunately in the terminal stages of their disease, RSO can improve the quality of life they have left by eliminating a lot of the pain and discomfort.

90 day Treatment

Rick Simpson Oil is used in a 12 week treatment plan, respectively. It is recommended that you start with three small doses a day. Each does is about the size of half of a grain of rice, taken every 8 hours. You will double your dose every 4 days and within 3-5 weeks you will have worked up to the maximum dosage. Which is 1 gram of RSO per day, roughly. The one real side effect of RSO is sleepiness. Which is ideal for patients that need to heal as sleep remains one of the most important parts of recovery.

Potency and Effect

RSO Oil is extremely potent and the taste is bitter, but when added to chocolate it becomes deliciously creamy. You really only need about the size of a grain of rice to feel the effects. Capsules are a preferred method to take Rick Simpson Oil, and edibles made with RSO are quickly becoming popular. Who doesn’t like chocolate or candy regardless, it hides the taste neatly, try some here . It will take around 30-60 minutes until you start to feel the effects of RSO. It has a high concentrate of THC , but the buzz is not as potent as distillate. The effects will be very much like an intense Indica high, full body, long lasting, sleepy, and euphoric. Although if you take too much you can feel anxious, and experience paranoia, but dont worry you most likely will just fall asleep! Click the link below and find capsules here.

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