Forms of cannabis products: a collection of the things to know

Cannabis has become a topic discussed by one in ten people in recent times because of some recreational and medicinal benefits claimed by some studies. Some say that one could get mental relaxation, relief from pain, control over blood sugar levels, and many other benefits because of the cannabis products with specific ingredients. Some patients also claim improved recovery from their treatments with the support of cannabis products. You need not have any health issues to try cannabis. You can consume it even for fun and relaxation. As we are running with hectic schedules, a relaxation session with cannabis could also be helpful. Online dispensaries are offering cannabis in different forms. In this article, we are about to discuss these varieties and their characteristics in brief.


Lit Tincture is a popular variety of CBD tinctures available in the market. As you could guess from the name itself, a tincture will be a liquid form of cannabis products. Here, the constituents will mostly be any concentrated constituent of the cannabis plant instead of a mixture of stuff. For instance, you can find a tincture having CBD alone to 99% with only one percent of other constituents. It is also known as a distillate. Whenever you need the maximum effects of a particular type of constituent, you can go for tinctures. However, you should be careful while selecting such a tincture as high proportions of unwanted constituents could bring adverse effects. The liquid used as a solvent in these tinctures will be alcohol in most cases. However, you can use tinctures along with your daily food also if you wish.

What to know about tinctures?

  • It is comparatively easy to keep your dosage in control if you are consuming cannabis tinctures as they will come with such notifications.
  • If you do not want the effects of tinctures right away, you can even add them to your food items. It will start working after a few hours.


Another popular type of cannabis product available in almost all online dispensaries is shake. You cannot categorize shake into any known product type because it is simply a mixture of leftovers from all those products. If an edible goes sold out, the containers will contain some extra pieces of those edibles. Likewise, cannabis flowers and leaves would also leave some stuff after getting sold to the customers. Instead of wasting such leftovers, the dispensaries have come up with the idea of collecting those leftovers regardless of the type of the product and naming them as shakes. However, there is a huge fan base for this shake in the cannabis market as it provides different effects because of the presence of different ingredients. Another major factor responsible for the popularity of shake is its pricing. Since it contains only leftovers, you need not pay anything higher to enjoy the stuff. The price will be too low when compared with original cannabis products. However, you will find it worthy only if they are the leftovers of high-quality weed.

What to know about shake?

  • It is tough to distinguish between fresh and old shakes. If you end up with an old shake, you may not even get any effect even if consumed in huge amounts.
  • You can witness the product getting oxidized at a faster rate.
  • Since they are only leftovers, you can find some unnecessary ingredients also.


You may understand a bit from the term itself. Cannabis plants are similar to all other plants in their structure. So, there will be flowers in every plant. You can consume these flowers without any modification to get the benefits of the constituents present in them. Usually, flowers will come as buds. Most cannabis users will go for flowers because of the various benefits offered by them. The dispensary may have its own cultivation center or may outsource the flowers. Depending on the type of the parental species, the characteristics of the flowers may vary. Only a few operations will be done on the buds before the placement for sales. If you want to consume cannabis flowers, you can do so by smoking. There will be several devices or equipment to do so. You can buy these devices from the dispensaries as well.

What to know about flowers?

  • Almost all dispensaries on the market will offer cannabis flowers and you need not search much.
  • The pricing of the flowers will also be optimal as they are easily available and they include very few operations before seeing the market.
  • Depending on the growing methods and the parent species, the characters of the flowers will be of different types. So, you will have various options to choose from.
  • Flowers will give you the maximum benefits of cannabis than other forms of consumption.
  • You should be ready to face the effects of the flowers as they will not take much time to react in your body.
  • Without a smoking apparatus, it is impossible to consume cannabis flowers.
  • Unlike tinctures, you will find it tedious to have control over the dosage of cannabis flowers.


Edibles are preferred by most consumers of cannabis as it is easy to consume them. Unlike cannabis flowers, you need not have any apparatus to have edibles. Instead, you will have any food substance within which the cannabis constituents will be present. For instance, you may buy cannabis-infused cakes or drinks and consume them ordinarily. Since the constituents are infused in ordinary foods, there will be a delay in the activation of them inside your body. Also, the flavor of the food or drink may vary a little due to the infusion of the cannabis product. Mostly, it is impossible to taste the actual flavor of the cannabis strain if you go for edibles.

What to know about edibles?

  • You cannot consume any cannabis product easily than edibles.
  • Dosage levels will be less in the case of edibles and it is easy to control your intake.
  • The effects of the constituents will also be subtle and not severe.
  • You will not get high that much because of edibles.

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